Selected Games

Dark Corners

A beta-demo of our Survival Horror Puzzle Game.
Explore the Post Apocalyptic world, filled with light powered dangerous robots.
Your only tool is a flashlight. You need it to explore, but it will also activate the robots.
Game play and Story
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In Dark Corners you play as Sabbie, a young adult who lived alone in the darkness for a lone time. Sabbie have what she needs of food and water, but she is in desperate lack of something more. Though she is trying to keep the loneliness away with books it is not enough and she ventures out of the safety of her home to find meaning.

The game is centered around exploring and solving situations with your flash light while the story plays with what you will do and risk to not just survive but to live.

We created a vertical slice of the first level; introducing the flash light, robots and collectibles.

10 week production at KADK 2015.
Myself: Story, Game Design, Level Design, 3D Modeling, Textures, Programming.
Kenneth Hallberg Faigh: Programming, Sound, Game Design, Level Design.
Duy Tan: Animation, Game Design, Character design and 3D Modeling.
Caroline Rievers: Voice Acting.


For my Bachelor at KADK I did an experiment. It was inspired by minimalistic feelings-based games such as Loneliness, LIM, Loved and Pretentious Game, but I wanted to expand the experience and give the player the power to interpret without judgement. Kind of like a Rorschach test but as a game. You would learn something about how you react to situations and can reflect upon your own intuitive choices while playing.

My focus was on communicating the feelings connected to relations between people; feelings such as loneliness and friendship, betrayal and safety. I did this primarily through game mechanics, level design and feedback design. Graphics and audio was not the focus and should be watched as placeholders conveying the mood.
Game play
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The relations are communicated with rejection and attraction. You play as the purple cube and explore the relations to the other cubes of the levels. There is 4 types of cubes, which have the same personality and opinion on you. You change their opinion by your actions and they remember their opinion on you from level to level.
The game ask you questions without word on what you want to do in a given situation, and you act.
Each level is a metaphor for one day in a week; You can have a good or bad day, but no matter what the next will come. The rest of the setting is for the player to decided.
In the end, at ‘Sunday’ you can see all the cubes reaction to you and choose who you will say with –  if they will let you go.

Loneliness as a mechanic
The main mechanic of the game is a Loneliness Mechanic. Over time, if you aren’t with someone who positively recognize you, you will take Loneliness damage. This is a metaphor for the hurtful state loneliness can be and for each damage you will shrink, get hollow from the inside and your world turn gray.
If you are with someone how recognize you you will stay your size or gain it gradually over time if you did take damage before.
The flow in this mechanic you to act, to make choices and reflect on the type of relations you gain with the different cubes.

The game is a small personal experience. And when I asked my play testers if they wanted to share the game with a friend if they found it online somewhere, they thought about it a lot.. and said no. Cause it was too personal. But they would like to talk about it with friends while being drunk or use it as discussion starter at relevant group work situations.

There is a lot of metaphors and design in every choice in this game. I can’t cover it all here, but feel free to ask me. It’s not finished but I hope it will be with time.

Downloadable English version is coming soon.

10 week production at KADK 2016.
I worked on the project alone.
Tutor: Jesper Juul
Programming assistant: Benno Lüders


A sad story based game about a young girl who think she is dead. She’ll seek through her home to hide her death and herself from her parents. The game is about Depression among children.

10 week production at KADK 2015.
Myself: Game Design, Story, Level Design, Textures.
Isac Crafoord: Mood, particles, light.
Sebastian Rasmussen: 3D Modeling.
William Wagner Tarding: Programming.


Tactygon is a minimalistic real-time strategy game about leading your army of polygonic units into battle. Fight through various levels, capture the enemy base and unlock the 8 different units with each their special property.
Private sponsored project. 1 year development.
Myself: Graphic design, in-game interface, level design, level implementation.
Henrik L. Schou-Pedersen: Concept Owner. Game design. Programming.
Kasper Ingdahl Andkjær: Programming.
Mehdi Nadif: Programming.
Frederik List: Home page and PR.

The NO-nightmare patrol

Concept development of a cooperative third person action game. Kind of like Left 4 Dead, but with sheep, procedural generated dreams, sweet nightmares and no guns.

As sheep trying to manage the nightmares of a six year old boy’s dreams. You need to work intensely together in a crazy dream world and distract the nightmares so they don’t wake up the boy.




As cupid you get send to the underworld after the mess you made with Romeo and Juliet. You have your arrows of love to make you way through this platform adventure game.

We where 28 students working on the project for 9 weeks in 2012. I did 3D, textures and mostly; project management. Please check out my teacher’s recommendation.

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