I’m joining a Cult!?

After 8 great and intense months at NopNok I got a new opportunity of making game design at Lovable Hat Cult! It’s a smaller company where I can really dig into the essence of my designs and make level design for their story driven 2D platformer. It’s a game combing an spiritual story and changing game play where each level should fit both.

It’s a 3 months contract and then we’ll see what is next.



I can finally speak about our project!

Today we got announced at E3 by Playstation (It feels crazy to say..!) and the title I’m working on at NapNok is Frantics; a party game full of mini games all with a social twist. Work together, sabotage, make alliances, back-stab. All the good stuff.

You can read more here: psnation.com or NapNok Games


I’m game designer on a number of the mini games. Every day is different. It’s amazing!