Looking for new project

Since January I’ve been working at Klassefilm to create a game for kids about what food does to the body. It’v been fun and crazy and is now ready for release. Which also means I’ll need to find a new project.

Here’s a sneak peak of Spis & Fis : Spis & Fis 1 Kikko_Henriksen

Time is flying..!

I don’t know how to recap the last half year..
I’ve started new job. It’s been amazing. Now we are almost done..!
I’ve been testing on more than 80 kids in the process. Learned Illustrator. Programmed my own prototypes. Had a lot of fun. Learned a LOT about food.
Also been to a game jam, or two, and played a bunch of games like Night in the Woods, Borderlands 2, Life is Strange : Before the Storm, Papers Please and This War of Mine (again). And I’m catching up with old friends to brainstorm new games.
I’m playing Frantics with my friends; and is laughing a lot at the same time. And a friend finished our game jam DÅTS and published it.

This is a good year ^^

I’m joining a Cult!?

After 8 great and intense months at NopNok I got a new opportunity of making game design at Lovable Hat Cult! It’s a smaller company where I can really dig into the essence of my designs and make level design for their story driven 2D platformer. It’s a game combing an spiritual story and changing game play where each level should fit both.

It’s a 3 months contract and then we’ll see what is next.



I can finally speak about our project!

Today we got announced at E3 by Playstation (It feels crazy to say..!) and the title I’m working on at NapNok is Frantics; a party game full of mini games all with a social twist. Work together, sabotage, make alliances, back-stab. All the good stuff.

You can read more here: psnation.com or NapNok Games


I’m game designer on a number of the mini games. Every day is different. It’s amazing!