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Designing games 

In January 2017 I graduated from The Danish Royal Design School (KADK) as a bachelor in Design with specialty in Game Design.

My educated focused on developing concepts, visuals, mechanics and levels to form experiences for the player. With project-based semesters we learned hands-on what we needed in order to create a vertical slice of our concept. With too little time and sharp ambitious deadlines we throw us self into learn whatever skill needed to complete and develop.

I aim to create games designed to touch their players and have something to express. This could be by fun and exciting game play, a deep story or a string of choices that make you learn something about yourself. I look for the core feelings of the game and expand from there to make coherent and great experiences.

Games have always been a big part of my life and I enjoy them in many formats. Beside games on PC, console and mobile I play board games, pen&paper and live role-play. In 8 years I was Main event manager of the yearly convention Con2 which embrace role-play, board games, miniatures and the like. And I’ve won the Viking-con 34 audience re-run prize for a crazy candy-driven My Little Pony pen&paper game.
I ❤ games.

And now I’m making games for a living at Nap Nok Games, being responsible for 5 of the 15 mini games in Frantics.

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Jeff Cook, teacher in Game Design and Game Art, wrote me some quite nice words:
Please note that my full name is Lena Kikko Siggaard Henriksen, former Lena Siggaard Andersen. So it is me, though the names doesn’t match.

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